VEON introduces the world’s first ‘Always-on Network Service’

VEON Ltd., an international digital operator providing mobile services and connectivity, has announced the launch of Always-on Network Service which allows online financial applications to continue operating even when the mobile communication services are adjourned.  

The new Always-on Network is an industry-wide operation, brought into picture in partnership with GSMA Foundry. The initiative aims to deliver an always accessible application for the critical businesses and emergency services throughout the data-restricted geographical areas.

Reportedly, the new feature of Always-on Network Services will allow the financial services operating digitally to continue working even when the mobile messaging services and mobile services have been suspended owing to certain security concerns.

During 2020, the service shutdowns recurred almost 155 times across 29 nations, inflicting a financial damage. The financial damage caused due to disruptions in the network were nearly $23.6 million against per 10 million population in a single day.

VEON will reportedly display the Always-on initiative at the Mobile Word Congress as part of the GSMA Foundry showcase.

For the uninitiated, VEON has revealed its plans to deploy the Always-on Network service in the region of Pakistan via its Jazz mobile server, post approval of the relevant authority.

Apparently, this will allow the continuation of the operation of JazzCash mobile banking service even post the communication service disruptions.

Jazz is the largest mobile operator in Pakistan with around 73 million customers and its financial services are used by over 15 million users.

Kaan Terzioglu, Chief Executive Officer at VEON, stated that for hundreds of million people across the world, mobile financial services like the JazzCash are necessary to access money.

Kaan mentioned that through the launch of Always-on Network, the firm is seeking to offer its subscribers with access to their finances in an uninterrupted service, ensuring they can make payment even while there is no Internet.

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