ViewSonic unveils new-age gaming monitors with NVIDIA reflex technology

The world-leading visual solutions provider, ViewSonic Corp., has recently unveiled its new range of ‘ELITE’ gaming monitors integrated with the latest G-Sync and NVIDIA Reflex technology.  

The products, ELITE XG251G and ELITE XG271QG boast of highest refresh rate of 360Hz, competitive frames per second, increased precision, and industry-leading 1ms response time. Reports suggest that these monitors would be available globally, in the third quarter of 2021.

According to official reports, ELITE XG251G comes out to be the first 24.5 inches ELITE monitor with, apparently, the highest refresh rate of 360 hertz, while 27 inches ELITE XG271QG unlocks smooth and seamless gameplay with 240 hertz. Deployed with G-Sync capabilities and NVIDIA Reflex technology, both displays are paired with enhanced refresh rates and great response time for exact click action.

Additionally, it would also offer the gamers to gaze upon sweeping landscapes and alien jungles in true-to-life color from 99% Adobe color coverage.

In tandem, the NVIDIA Reflex network is planned to decrease input lag and latency to give gamers an improved aiming precision, faster tactical advantage, and more precise hit registration. More so, the technology also supports Reflex Latency Analyzer that seizes end-to-end system latency and provide an accurate reading of GPU and CPU performance.

Besides, the Low Latency Boost is likely to help the GPU overclock without disturbing the picture quality, so that the gamers can augment the performance settings and still enjoy cinematic visuals simultaneously.

Speaking on the new release, Head of Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic Corporation, Oscar Lin stated that the ELITE monitors have been designed keeping in mind the challenges raised by gamers in terms of precision and experience. In fact, the team is proud to have closely worked with NVIDIA to create a range of professional esports monitors integrated with their latest Reflex technology.

Oscar added that the company looks forward to continuing its operations with NIVDIA to develop ELITE monitors with their latest technology.

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