WinZO collaborates with Kalaari Capital to launch Gaming Lab in India

WinZO, a social gaming platform, has reportedly collaborated with Kalaari Capital to launch an investment initiative- Gaming Lab to propel and support the gaming industry in the country.

As per credible sources, the launch of Gaming Lab is scheduled for GameCon 2021. It will apparently invest in varied communicative entertainment apps in India, with an initial investment of nearly half a million dollars.

Reports suggest that Kalaari’s merger with WinZO will help various companies and gaming studios be culturally suitable for Bharat.

For the uninitiated, WinZO will guide the gaming firms aiming to revamp the gaming industry via game tech and innovations and video streaming. Additionally, some selective firms will gain drive effective monetization and support, and perks of growth and benefit from the company. 

Saumya Singh Rathore, Co-founder of WinZO stated that WinZO is currently at a strategically good place due to the knowledge of tech and will experience gaming development throughout the country.

Rathore further commented that together these capabilities, firms will be able to easily provide necessary support in terms of capital, knowledge and strategic assistance to propel the socio-economic ecosystem.

Saumya suggested that WinZO’s centre of excellence will assist in the development of strategy, growth and distribution for the chosen applicant while catering monetization in the world’s biggest engagement powerhouse.

According to reports, WinZO had recently declared a $20 million game formulator fund III to empower its game development. The aim behind this funding was to holistically boost the worldwide game development environment along with game design, content creation, economies around gaming and security through capital investment, monetization support and infrastructural support.

About WinZO

WinZO has become one of the topmost gaming markets amongst upcoming economies owing to India’s emerging youth population and increasing internet reach. The online gaming platform is not just restricted to the cities but has spread its reach through Tier II, III and IV towns as well.