World Bank grants $29.5M for upgrading the healthcare sector in Albania

The Board of Executive Directors of World Bank have reportedly agreed to a funding of $29.5 million for the commencement of Health Sector Improvement Project in Albania. The country will use the funding to cater to damages caused to the healthcare facilities by the earthquake calamity in November 2019, while simultaneously enhancing the modernization and reforms of various public hospital services.

For the uninitiated, Albania has succeeded in boosting its population’s life expectancy, but in order to align with the modern healthcare needs resulting due to years of epidemiologic and demographic transition, the country requires tremendous improvement in the area of healthcare.

Furthermore, the Government of Albania has included several amendments in its way of supervising the healthcare unit along with changing the functioning and financing of public health sector.

The Healthcare Sector Improvement Project by World Bank has crucially reinforced the restoration of three hospitals along with implementing Regional Health Information System in four hospitals. It has also remodeled the Laci hospital destroyed by the 2019 earthquake.

Emanuel Salinas, Worth Bank Country Manager for Albania stated that the purchase of modern medical devices and the restructuring of the infrastructure will act as strengthening pillars of the healthcare facility in providing more efficient and qualitative healthcare to the Albanians.

Alongside, the funding by the World Bank will also support restructuring of the healthcare units affected by earthquake like the Regional Hospital of Lezha, Municipal Hospital of Kruja along with numerous other department and hospitals in Mother Theresa National Referral Healthcare facilities like Psychiatric Hospital, Angiology and Cardio Surgery Department and others. Meanwhile, the purchase of medical equipment will be done for the Hospital of Laci and General Pediatric Hospital.

As per speculations, the Regional Health Information System will also be supported by the funding throughout the regional hospital network which will initiate strong integration and coordination of services.