Xpeng Motors unveils its new P5 sedan; seeks to compete Tesla Model 3

Xpeng Motors, one of the leading Chinese electric car companies, has made it to the headlines following its recent launch of new P5 sedan, which has been claimed to compete Tesla’s new Model 3 in the regional market.

The P5 sedan is deemed to be an affordable and surprisingly less expensive model compared to the Tesla’s recent Model 3 in the Chinese market. The sedan boasts of new inclusions and features including driverless technology that is powered by polarizing LiDAR systems.

Although prices of newly launched P5 sedan are not yet announced, Xinzhou Wu, Xpeng’s VP of Autonomous Driving stated that the model would be rolled out in the markets with prices lower than that of 97 (which starts at $35,192).

It would be important to mention that the P7 Xpeng model is already less expensive than Tesla’s Model 3, making P5 undercut the latter’s sedan prices by several thousand dollars. 

P5 sedan, which is set to roll out to Chinese car buyers later this year as well as in Norway, has been well equipped with XPILOT, a driver assistance system that includes autonomous features which keeps a check on drivers attentiveness.

Additionally, the system has been updated to version 3.5 which will equip an improved version of the Navigation Guided Pilot. The update enables car features to function-well on city streets as formerly equipped for highway use exclusively.

Xinzhou Wu, while commenting on the recent revelation, cited that ever since the company launched NGP in P7 models for highway purposes, the sales of these vehicles have been steady as highway driving occupies only like 10% of the peoples’ driving time. City driving, on the other hand, presented more issues than highway driving.

In this case, being able to bring up the technology and ability to cities is of crucial importance to make the feature more usable and much more compelling to the Chinese customers. Wu added that with deployment of LiDAR, the company would be able to accomplish its goal much faster enabling it to stand in competition with the rivals.

Source Credit: https://www.teslarati.com/speng-p5-sedan-reveal-video/