Yuchai unveils first hydrogen powered engine for CVs in Chinese market

Yuchai International Limited, a Chinese diesel engine manufacturer, has recently announced the launch of first operating hydrogen-enabled engine, coined YCK05, typically targeting the commercial vehicle market.

According to the company, its novel engine design features advanced engine structure as well as subsystems including combustion and gas distribution systems.

Crucial to note, Yuchai’s newly launched YCK05 engine leverages multiple state-of-the-art sophisticated technologies, for instance, high-efficiency technology systems for low inertia turbocharging and lean-burn combustion, high-pressure multipoint inlet air injection technology, and others.

Weng Ming Hoh, President, China Yuchai, quoted that with the ongoing advancements in hydrogen-powered engine development, the company has emerged as a domestic establishment with largest engine technology portfolio.

Apparently, the diverse company portfolio of Yuchai include gas-powered engines, new energy power technologies, hybrid engines and traditional internal combustion engines.

Mr. Ming Hoh mentioned that the company is seeking for commercialization of the hydrogen-enabled engines in the coming future catering to the needs of Yuchai’s diverse customer base and to contribute towards sustainability and environment.

With this launch, Yuchai marks yet another hydrogen technology milestone in encouraging the development and adoption of hydrogen energy as an eco-friendly propulsion system alternative, after the company introduced hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Yuchai International’s Chinese subsidiary, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company (GYMCL) works as a conduit for maintaining the former’s business presence in the country, by assembling, manufacturing and distributing diesel engines compatible with various vehicles.

Originally, GYMCL specializes in diesel-based generators and supplies its engines straight to auto OEMs as well as retailers along with retrofitting and maintenance services all across the country.

Reportedly, the Chinese manufacturer recorded a sale of 430,320 engines in China, with lucrative opportunities for YCK05 engines across municipal, buses, sanitation, logistics and distribution markets.

In line with the commercialization goals, Yuchai will leverage its extensive expertise and resources to enhance research and development in internal combustion engines subsequently aiming for large-scale mass production of hydrogen-powered engines.

Source Credits: https://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/auto-components/yuchai-launches-chinas-first-operating-hydrogen-engine-for-cvs/88630144