Zeno introduces new platform to help energy-focused companies

Zeno Technologies has recently unveiled a new cloud-based platform to help energy companies, partners and investors to adopt and thrive in the production era.

The energy sector has changed dramatically in recent years, and energy-focused businesses are in a need for a set of contemporary technologies to access data and make smarter and quicker business choices.

Zeno's new system offers the clarity needed to analyze and enhance a company's performance, as well as the information needed to evaluate and pursue new investment possibilities decisively.

Energy companies are increasingly evaluated on their bottom-line free cash flow rather than their growth and land potential. The Production Era, in which success depends on an organization's capacity to optimize business performance and enhance efficiency, was ushered in by this fundamental shift in valuation and its consequences for energy firm operations.

Today's energy-focused businesses are attempting and generally failing to piece together a patchwork of historical systems to enable them better understand company performance and make better decisions by combining production and market data.

Zeno's Energy Operating System addresses this issue by linking whole companies through data and giving real-time insights, allowing firms to function on real figures rather than estimations.

Sealy Laidlaw, CEO of Zeno Technologies, said that they have seen a fundamental shift in energy industry in the last five years. Companies which earlier used to focus on effective survey are now estimated on efficient production and bottom-line results.

Additionally, they face unprecedented challenge as they see changes in technology, mounting ESG pressures, and volatile global demand.

In this new world, organizations must make important decisions based on factual data and analysis rather than intuition and guesswork. The firm is creating Zeno to solve this unmet demand since legacy technologies make it virtually difficult to expose important data when it's needed.

Source Credit - https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211021005249/en/Zeno-Technologies-Unveils-a-New-Platform-to-Help-Energy-Companies-Thrive-in-the-Production-Era